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The Ukrainian sea agency "A.G.A. Crewing Agency" wishes to cooperate with you. And we also would like to represent your interests in Ukraine in sea business. We could supply you the personnel with the experience of work on different types of ships. All our seamen have international certificates STCW 78/95 and have passed test for working abilities. We also supply companies with serving personnel for working on passenger ships.

Who are we

  We are A.G.A. Crewing Agency which was established in Izmail, Ukraine, Odessa region.
  We work in the sphere of giving job to seamen world wide.
  Taking into account our winning geographical position we dispose of the qualified marine and seafarers, who passed training in Odessa, Kiev, Kherson and Izmail Marine Academies and colleges.
  We cooperate with many firms. We work as middlemen at the moment but we are ready to work with you.
  Through years of work we obtained a large database of highly-skilled and experienced seamen with the knowledge of English, French and German.
  We also cooperate with local Maritime Academies where they train qualified seamen for working on board of ships of different type. We have cooperation with Izmail State Liberal Arts University where interpreters and technical translators of English, German, French and other languages are trained.

Director. Apakaiev Gennadiy.

 Chief Engineer. 7 years of experience in working as a motorman and 11 years of experience in working as an engineer on ocean going, Multipurpose offshore installation, container, AHTS vessels. Graduated from Odessa Marine academy in 2001 has a diploma of Chief Engineer.

Area of work: all the questions and problems concerning the firm. Signing of the documents, contracts, negotiations.

  Services we provide

  • Supplying Ship Owners and Ship Operators with qualified seamen
  •   Full Beverage on the territory of Ukraine
  •   Representation of your company's interests
  •   Helping in getting Seaman's book
  •   Checking of knowledge of English
  •   Helping in Visa opening and booking of flight tickets